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Kancolle Localization project

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You will need to have your API link ready to register, please do this before signing up! Screenshots can be found here.


1/19/14 5:45 PST
  • Flash files are now being served from edge caches without proxying. This should reduce first load times of character and item images
  • Proper handling of version number requests (So things won't explode when files are patched)
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We're currently at capacity. Please come back later!

Follow @sikarra and @RHExcelion for updates.

How to bote in english

First, you need to find your API url. A quick how-to can be found on the english Kancolle wiki here under "Play without VPN/Proxy".

Now, all you need to do is modify the API url ever so slightly. At the end of the IP address, before the /, add You also need to add a new parameter to the link, a=

The final API url should look something like:

As a note, your auth token is tied to your IP address, so if you playn from multiple locations you will need to register on each device you play on. These restrictions are temporary, until I'm confident I can scale to demand


Q. Why does it feel so slow?

A. The first load will re-download every asset in Kancolle. Some on demand, others at load. Unsurprisingly this takes a while. After everything's cached again, it should feel similar to what you were used to, but the reverse proxy adds about 150ms of latency (plus translation processing time) so it will inherently be a bit slower.

Q. Why isnt [thing] translated?

A. This is very much a work in progress. Some items can't be translated until they're seen by someone, so certain quests may be missing localization strings. We'll fill these in as soon as we get a chance, so just look them up on the wiki for now. Other items are hard-coded in the .swf files and are harder to change.

Code magic by @sikarra
Translation courtesy of @RHExcelion.